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NECOA IRISH MIDLANDS is the only clinic of its kind in Ireland that provides cutting-edge, evidence based treatment for OCD and related disorders. We help children, adolescents, and adults who struggle with anxiety, OCD, and related issues to find their strengths and learn how to build lives that they love, one step at a time. We provide diagnostic assessment services, outpatient, and intensive outpatient care for individuals and groups. NECOA IRISH MIDLANDS was founded by Lisa W. Coyne, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, and Sarah Cassidy, PhD, Educational, Child, and Adolescent Psychologist, each bringing two decades of experience in clinical practice, training, and research.

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The thanks that we owe you couldn't possibly fit into one card, so I'll just say this. Thank you for giving my daughter her life back. You have made a difference to our whole family that will last all our lives"

Mother of client, Vancouver Island, Canada

"When I first started working with you, I knew basically how to treat OCD. But you taught me how to go so much deeper and put so much heart into my treatment."

Clinician, Newton

"I have been feeling very grateful to you for teaching me how to feel, how to be in the feelings and just accept them with awareness. How to give space to myself for feeling and for taking care of myself, noticing what I need. It all seems so basic, but I really didn’t know how to to do all that before, and now I find myself able to do that, and it’s such a gift. ."

Client, Boston

What We Do: Testimonials
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